Secure Backup / Restore

We use rolling backup systems for your filesystem and databases, allowing restores from specific points in time and specific revisions.

As a case-study of why this is critical, in early 2010 one of our government customers had an unnoticed SQL injection vulnerability in their application which allowed a malicious party to destroy data in their database and replace it with javascript. The javascript caused redirects for all visitors to their forum to a malicious overseas phishing website. As the attack occurred on a weekend, they didn't realise for almost 2 days, by which time the previous night's backup/snapshot became useless. Using our rolling backups, we were able to go back in time to a date where the data was all still present, and restore all their data from the most recent backup before the attack took place.

Using our new Database Forensics system developed in 2012 for MySQL and MariaDB, we can tell you what time and date an attack took place, restore your database to a previous time (to the second), selectively exclude one or more injection attacks or DELETE/UPDATE statements and roll forward new user-updates since the attack as if it never happened. This is a critical component in reputation protection and business continuity, saving time and money for your company, staff and end-users. For more information, please contact us.

Backups All Plans
Real-Time Backup to Separate Hard-Disk-Array
- RAID on primary drive-arrays to prevent a single storage device failure corrupting your database(s) or filesystem
- Real-time block-level replication for filesystem and MySQL/MariaDB/MongoDB/CouchDB/PostGreSQL to a separate RAID-protected drive-array
- 100% real-time backup ensures zero data loss in case of a full hardware failure of a primary drive-array
Rolling Daily Database Snapshot Backups
- Daily SQL/Server backup, all versions (7 days kept)
- Daily PostGreSQL backup, all versions (14 days kept)
- Daily MySQL/MariaDB backup, all versions (14 days kept)
- Daily MongoDB backup, all versions (14 days kept)
- Daily CouchDB backup, all versions (14 days kept)
- Up to 1 hour free restore support and forensic analysis per month
Rolling Daily FileSystem Snapshot Backups / Online Restore
- Rolling daily backup of your file system (30 days kept)
- Comprehensive online Backup History access with Restore, Restore-As and Backup-Diff capabilities
- Browse deleted files and folders directly from the online file browser, alongside your other files (see below)
- View changes between specific backup dates and the current filesystem for files and folders (even on mobile)
- No restore fees, DIY system, free restore support at any time
Backups are Read-Only
- Historical File and Database backups are stored on a separate drive array
- Backups are Read-Only from our Control Panel servers
- Disgruntled employees or malicious entities are not able to delete your backups via our Control Panel or customer access systems (FTP, RSync)
- Backups persist for a minimum of 14 days (databases) or 30 days (filesystems)
- Backups can be restored online, allowing for quick recovery in the case of a virus or breach
Encrypted Daily Offsite Backups
- Offsite daily backup of your database(s) and file-systems in case of full loss of the primary data center
- OpenSSL AES encryption - FIPS 140-2 validated for AES.
- Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is used for offsite backups of all databases, customer file-systems and Subversion repositories in case of a breach of the offsite backup systems.
- Encrypted filenames and filesystem structure prevent disclosure of original file locations
- Offsite backup servers have read-only access to encrypted files and no access to plaintext files or encryption keys (a breach of the backup servers does not allow access to the primary servers)
- Offsite backup servers use a "Pull-backup" method to back-up files (a breach of the primary servers does not provide access to the offsite backup systems)
- The offsite backup systems and primary systems communicate using 256-bit SSH encryption with a minimum of 2048 bit keys
Backup Auditing
- We manually check our backup systems monthly
- Monitoring systems alert us daily in case of errors encountered during backups (protection against backup-script errors and backup corruption)
- Monitoring systems alert us daily if backups are older than 2 days old (protection against backup-scheduler problems)
- You can manually check your daily filesystem backups online with SiteWinder (see below)
- Don't be stuck in a situation where your backups are mysteriously missing after a disaster!

Online File Browser showing deleted files ...

File and Backups Browser

Showing changes between a backup file and the current file ...

Diff Viewer

Showing changes between a backed-up folder and the current folder ...

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Reviewing changes using your tablet while on holiday ...

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Urgently restoring a backup using your phone while at dinner with your family or an important client ...

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