Enterprise SLA (Service Level Agreement)

We're proud of our dedication to quality and availability - and happy for you to hold us to it.

Over 18 years have gone into designing and implementing our redundant systems, backups, monitoring and automated self-repair technologies.

At least two externally-owned companies have been monitoring us over the last few years. One shows us as 100% which is incorrect, so we won't list it here - they only check 5-6 times per day. The other shows us as 99.9899% over 7 years, and 100% over the last 12 months. This also includes our scheduled maintenance periods and an extended datacenter outage (167 mins) in 2009 as "outages". We consider this our "real track record", as your visitors experience it.

If you see a hosting company advertising 99% uptime - do the math and ask questions. 1% of a month is 7.3 hours - a considerable amount of downtime per month.

Please feel free to review the list of all our outages over the last 7 years, including their lengths, and ask us any questions you like.

Enterprise SLA Details
Uptime Guarantee
We will credit 10x (10 times) the amount charged for any period of downtime which breaches our SLA to your account as a pro-rata portion of your payment for that month, up to the value of the full month's payment.

* Downtime excludes scheduled maintenance, scheduled VM restarts, or factors beyond our control.

99.95% Guaranteed
7 year provable track record of 99.9903%
2 year provable track record of 100%

How to understand Uptime Percentages:
99.9% = 43 mins/mth avg
99.95% = 21 mins/mth avg - our SLA
99.98% = 8.7 mins/mth avg
99.99% = 4.3 mins/mth avg
99.9903% = 4.2 mins/mth - Our track record since Mar-2007
99.9996% = 0.1 mins/mth - Average last 3 years
Provable availability over last 24 months:
100% = 0 mins/mth avg downtime

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Drive Destruction Old drives are military-wiped before re-use, faulty drives are drilled through to destroy platters
Reliable 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
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