Full Platform Control

You get full control over your Java hosting platform - to the extent that you want. We handle the rest for you.

Whether you are a small business that has had a website developed for them in Java/JSP, or a Tomcat committer running the latest trunk build, we have a suitable setup and are ready to support your requirements. We have 4 styles of JVM to choose from: Shared Managed, Private Managed, Semi-Managed and Self-Managed. See the JVM Types page to help select the JVM that suits your experience level and needs.

We impose no limits of the number of applications you can deploy. Use Tomcat 7 for multi-versioning, or easily create staging and live versions of your applications.

Full Platform Control All Plans
No Special API Required / No Vendor Lock-In
- Some providers restrict your application by forcing you to follow specific APIs for file storage or database access. At Metawerx everything is Eclipse and NetBeans compatible. There is no need to modify your code to run on our platform.
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Instant Application Reloads
- Many providers make you wait up to 24 hours for app reloads, restart your JVM every 2 hours, or force you to learn Linux shell to restart your VM
- At Metawerx, just click Reload in Tomcat Manager, Restart Tomcat in our control panel or update the date on your web.xml or WAR
File System Access
- Directly read and write files in your own private file-system from your application
- Ideal for image and document upload systems
- Much better performance than storing BLOBs in your database
Network Access
- Communicate with remote APIs
- Create listening ports (eg: chat servers)
Instant JVM Reset
- Restart your JVM instantly on our dedicated JVM plans
Unlimited Webapps
- No limit on the number of webapps you deploy. You own the webapps folder, upload as many applications or Tomcat 7 app versions as you need
Unlimited Domains
- Use our Domain Administration system to add multiple domains to a Shared JVM site or multiple separate websites to your Dedicated JVM
System Logs
- Tail your System Log events online in real-time, as they happen
- Easily download historical log files for offline examination
- Automated cleanup of old log files to prevent filling your disk space
Access Logs
- Automatically created on metawerx-managed JVMs, easily configurable on self-managed JVMs using the Tomcat "Access Valve"
- Tail your Access Logs online in real-time
Health Checks
- Weekly analytic summary of config errors, logging, exceptions, OutOfMemory, SQL and SecurityExceptions and a range of common Java issues
- Know what your VM is doing without manually scanning 100s of MBs of logs
Enterprise Charts
- Per-minute/hour/day online charts for CPU, Traffic, Tomcat/NonTomcat Response Time, Requests/min, Total Sessions, Sessions/min, Total RAM, Heap Usage, PermSpace Usage, CodeCache Usage, HotSpot Time, Threading, GC Time and Disk I/O
- Visualise your live JVM over the last hour, or up to 2 months, 24/7/365 without any setup or additional work
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Online Code Editor
- Browser-based Text-Editor using a modified version of SourceForge CodeMirror
- Edit your server.xml or web.xml online, then simply restart your app or JVM
- Make emergency changes to JSP/JS/CSS/HTML and other text files online
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Mobile Control Panel
- Separate control panel built exclusively for mobile devices
- Android(tm) App with PIN-based login and lockout feature
- Mobile control panel for Apple(tm), WindowsPhone, BlackBerry, RIM and Symbian
- Restart applications
- Restart your JVM
- Browse files
- View logs (or tail logs live on your tablet)
- View billing information and pay accounts
- View your charts
- Comprehensive Mail Administration system
Reliable 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
Helping to keep the net safe

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