Complete Monitoring

This is an area we're very proud of and really shine - comprehensive monitoring systems to alert us to issues and to repair most problems in real-time, automatically.

Our Metawerx ERAI monitoring software has been developed over 18 years. It comprises of a series of proactive/reactive agents that will either automatically prevent, or repair real problems and perceived problems in real-time. That gives us the time to investigate non-standard issues and respond accordingly.

At the most basic level, your Tomcat/JVM is restarted automatically if a problem is detected. Your users are temporarily redirected to a maintenance page while your JVM restarts. You are alerted by email after the restart, or if there is a problem restarting your JVM. ERAI handles your restart in the most efficient way possible using a number of different methods to detect whether a JVM is capable of handling user requests, and also monitors multiple server health and security areas. Redundant monitors ensure that monitoring itself is never offline.

Monitoring All Plans
Automatic JVM restart and alert
- If your Tomcat stops, is unresponsive, runs out of RAM or has extended high CPU, it will be automatically restarted
- We can also monitor for a specific response from your diagnostics page, allowing you to perform database connectivity or other general health checks
Tomcat monitoring
- Non-responsive, invalid response, response time, OutOfMemoryException and excessive CPU (infinite loop) detection
Java VM monitoring
- Comprehensive java monitoring improved gradually since 1997
- High-CPU detection and alerting (read more ...)
- OutOfMemory detection, alerting and automatic JVM restart
- Custom HTTP probes
- Online JVM activity charts
Physical Server monitoring
- Availability, advanced hardware monitoring (physical intrusion, voltages, fan speeds, internal and external temperatures, power redundancy, RAID controller, drives, RAM errors, NICs, cards, CPU errors)
Automatic Full-Server restart
- If a server goes down due to a fault, it is automatically powered off and powered back on using our STONITH Power Controllers
Security monitoring
- Intrusion detection
- Anti-brute-force recording and IP blocking
- Anti-port scan IDS (intrusion detection system)
- AutoShun and OpenBL blacklist firewall integration
- (read more about security ...)
High-CPU monitoring
- All processes are CPU monitored to prevent slowdowns of other services
- Customer JVM threads running at excessive CPU (eg: infinite loops) are identified and reported automatically
- Problem JVMs are automatically restarted, to prevent infinite loops and bad code from affecting your application
- (read more about high-CPU alerts and thread detection ...)
Disk space monitoring
- Disk space is monitored to prevent data loss and corruption
Disk and Traffic alerts
- If you are near your traffic or disk-space limit, or your monthly predicted usage is near your limit, you are alerted
Java App health checks
- Weekly alerts advising on configuration errors, excessive logging, excessive exceptions, security exceptions, OutOfMemory exceptions and a range of other common Java issues, or check manually any time from our control panel
SSL Certificate Alerts
- Weekly check of your SSL certificate status and expiry date
- Daily notification for 7 days if your SSL certificate has expired
Advanced MySQL Monitoring
- High CPU monitoring
- High disk-load monitoring
- Unusually long-running query monitoring, with automatic kill (prevents a single bad query taking out the database)
- Unusually long-running transaction monitoring, with automatic kill (prevents deadlocks from failed applications / bad code)
- MySQL forensic reporting available for SQL-Injection attacks and human-error or code-error resulting in data-change or data-loss (7 day history)
Reliable 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
Helping to keep the net safe

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