Online Text Editor

We have built a comprehensive, browser-based Online Code Editor using the SourceForge CodeMirror project.

  • Yes - FTP is still available, this is just an extra way to edit your files!
  • Edit your server.xml or web.xml online, then simply restart your app or JVM
  • Make emergency changes to JSP/JS/CSS/HTML and other text files online
  • Make quick changes from your mobile device without requiring FTP
  • Syntax Highlighting and CodeFolding for a wide range of languages
  • Automatic mode detection for most file types, and auto-detection of files using tabs instead of spaces
  • Undo/Redo (Ctrl-Z/Y), SmartIndent, Multi-Line indent with tab/shift-tab
  • Unified Diff Preview before confirming changes
  • Edit multiple files in separate windows - right click Edit, open in new window
  • Secure editing over SSL/TLS
  • Save As, Theme Selection, Tab/Space indent, Tab Size and more!
  • International support - edit files in any language (UTF-8)

Syntax Highlighting

Here is the editor in Blackboard Theme, editing a Clojure source file, with a selected area. Editor in Blackboard Theme, editing a Clojure file

Unified-Diff Preview Mode

Preview Mode - preview your changes using an optional Unified Diff Preview, then Confirm, Keep Editing or Discard changes. Unified Diff Preview before confirming changes

Code Folding

Code Folding a java source file - fold brace-based languages (Java, JavaScript) or tag-based languages (HTML, XML) with CTRL-Q on by clicking on the line-number. Code Folding with a java source file

Tag-Error detection and Mixed Editing

Mixed editing of tag-based and brace-based languages. The example below shows a JSP file with HTML with embedded Java code. Mixed editing of tag-based and brace-based languages

International Support

Our system supports UTF-8 all the way through, so you can edit files in any language you can read in your browser International language example file


Save-As feature with path-support to save as a different folder, anywhere in your private filesystem. Save-As, showing parent-path feature

Accidental Exit Protection

If you accidentally navigate away from a page (eg: BackSpace or by clicking a link), the editor will let you know. Accidentally navigating away after modifying a Scala file

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