Database Hosting Standard Features (MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, CouchDB, PostGreSQL, SQL/Server)

Secure and easy administration, solid reliability, high performance and rolling backups to ensure your data stays safe and available.

Please see the Plan Hosting pages for details of which database versions are available on which plans.

Standard Database Features All Plans
Firewalled Database
- Your database is not exposed directly to the internet, but you have access online and over SSH
Secure Online DB Administration
- Manage your database(s) with your browser over SSL/TLS with phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin - no need to purchase an SSL certificate
Secure External DB Connection
- Safely upload or download private, confidential and financial data to/from your databases from your office over our SSH tunnel or SSL connection
- Utilise online databases for shared desktop apps on the cloud over a solid, secure connection (multiple offices, retail outlets, sports clubs)
Database Optimization
- Daily index and performance optimization scripts run against all databases
Separate Database Servers
- Unlike VPS Cloud solutions, we use separate servers for your databases, to deliver higher performance and improved caching
Redundant Hard Drive Arrays
- RAID SAS drive arrays for redundancy and performance
- When a hard drive fails no data is lost
Redundant Data Array Mirrors
- As well as RAID being used within data-arrays, databases are mirrored in real-time to separate drive-arrays for additional safety
- In a complete drive-array failure no data is lost
Rolling Database Backups
- Comprehensive rolling backups of your databases
- Daily SQL/Server backup (7 days kept)
- Daily MySQL/MariaDB Backup (14 days kept)
- Daily MongoDB Backup (14 days kept)
- Daily CouchDB Backup (14 days kept)
- Daily PostGreSQL Backup (14 days kept)
- MySQL/MariaDB/PostGreSQL/MongoDB/CouchDB High-Availability clusters with real-time block-level replication
- Up to 1 hour per month of free database restore assistance / forensic analysis
Forensic Database Analysis - MySQL and MariaDB
- We have extensive experience in database forensics and data-recovery
- On all MySQL and MariaDB plans, we keep 7 full days of transaction logs
- In the case of a SQL injection attack, unintended DELETE, INSERT, UPDATE or DROP action, this allows us to analyse your database activity and prepare a complete log of events with dates and times (for up to 7 days)
- We can restore your database to a point-in-time (to the second) and can selectively ignore the attack or unintended operation, roll-forward any other updates performed by your users since the time of the attack and effectively erase an SQLi attack or unintended operation as if it never happened
- This is a critical component in reputation protection and business continuity, saving time and money for your company, staff and end-users
ACID Compliance - Immediate Storage-Layer Sync to Primary Storage and Secondary Array
- Some hosts try to achieve extra performance by caching writes in the OS and database layers
- We heavily cache reads but use OS and database journaling, plus sync all database writes from the database and OS immediately to our battery-backed RAID storage layers
- This ensures a perfect balance of write-performance, along with data consistency in case of a dual-grid or data-center power-failure
- In addition, we use synchronous writes over DRBD to a secondary array, ensuring there is no data loss or corruption in the (rare?) case of complete failure of an entire drive-array or it's controller

Set up your database

To install and maintain your database, we provide the following options:

  • Send us your database-dump file for free installation
  • Execute SQL scripts (SQL dump files) quickly online using our SQL/Administrator tools
  • Build your databases online using our online administration tools (phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin)
  • SSH Tunnel connection for MySQL/Admin, Toad, SQL/Enterprise Manager, PG Explorer and other GUI or command line tools remotely from your office or home, over a secure connection to our SQL2005/MySQL/MariaDB/MangoDB/PostGreSQL servers

Database Backups

  • Your data is important and we fully understand that. Accidents happen and malicious users can also cause problems. For this reason, we provide a historical range of backups to allow restoration of your databases in case of emergency. All database servers use RAID, so in the case of a single drive failure, your database will not skip a beat.
  • Databases are clustered using block-level replication to another server to maintain a hot-backup of your MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, CouchDB or PostGreSQL database systems in case of complete failure of a primary server, with automatic two-way failover to ensure your database is always available.
  • With MySQL, MariaDB, MangoDB, CouchDB and PostGreSQL, databases are backed up daily to a second server (14 days of backups are kept).
  • With SQL/Server, databases are backed up daily to a second server (7 days of backups are kept).
  • In addition, database backups are encrypted using AES and copied to an off-site server daily to protect against complete destruction of the primary data center due to severe weather, terrorism, or other unforseen events.
  • Recovery services are available on request (always free of charge).
  • Forensic services are available on request for MySQL and MariaDB. We can produce a report of all data-altering queries that have been run within the last 7 days in case of a SQL-injection attack or accidental loss of data (eg: DELETE or DROP TABLE).

JDBC Notes

  • You are able to install any JDBC driver of your choice in your WEB-INF/lib folder since our java hosting provides a full webapps folder, or CATALINA/lib folder on Dedicated JVMs where you have full control over the entire Tomcat folder structure.
  • For high performance with RDBMS databases, you should set up JNDI DBCP Connection Pools in META-INF/context.xml. Full examples are available on the metawerx wiki
Reliable 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
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