Data Centre Details

Metawerx servers have been located in a number of data centres in Australia since 1997. We have found the Primus Corporate Data Centre to be, without exception, the best for the requirements of our customers.

Fiber Network

Fiber Network
  • Redundant fiber connectivity to multiple backbones, including a dedicated satellite uplink
  • Over 2Tbps (2000 Gbps+) of connectivity
  • 3 diverse dark fibre feeds entering the building more than 25 meters apart for future expansion
  • Full fibre distribution to all core and rack segments
  • 2x100Mbps or 2x1Gbps dedicated network switch ports per server
  • 24/7/365 network monitoring

Power Systems

Data Center Power Systems
  • Dual mains feeds from diverse building entry points and diverse metropolitan power grids
  • 45 tons of battery power (2 hour load at full power, brownout / over-voltage protection), 2 hour UPS battery capacity
  • Dual 850KVA diesel-powered generators with 8030 litres of diesel on site (50 hours before refuel)
  • 20 second startup time for generators due to hot water jacket system
  • Priority-supply power arrangement with power supplier
  • Priority-supply fuel arrangement with multiple fuel contractors available on 4-hour turnaround time
  • Dual mains distribution boards in diverse locations of building, each server fed by two diverse feeds (one to each power supply), (excludes customer-leased dedicated servers that have selected not to have a redundant power option)
  • 250V AC or 48V DC power supplies
  • 24/7/365 power monitoring

Air Conditioning and Fire Suppression

Air Conditioning and Fire Control
  • N+1 airconditioning redundancy
  • Spare airconditioning system on standby
  • Weekly rotation of airconditioning units
  • VESDA smoke detection
  • Under floor smoke detection
  • FM200 gas discharge
  • Dry pipe system
  • Hand held extinguishers
  • Raised floors (cables and additional air conditioning pumped from below)
  • Raised ceilings (to allow additional heat dissipation)
  • Separate cold (air in) and hot (air out) corridors

Security and Network Monitoring

Security and Network Monitoring
  • 24/7/365 security camera surveillance inside and outside data centre
  • Over 30 cameras covering all rooms and racks
  • Digital recording on motion
  • No access permitted without prior arrangement
  • Non ground-level server rooms, no unauthorized access to lifts or stairs
  • Maximum-security data area, requiring visual meeting with data center staff and bio-metric palm / smart-card authentication
  • Anti-pass-back system, travel must be uni-directional
  • Anti-tailgate system with man-trap, preventing access to server rooms, only one person may pass through at a time
  • Interlocked doors
  • Data centre staffed 24/7/365
  • Network actively monitored for anomolies and redundancy
  • Power actively monitored for anomolies and redundancy
  • Security cameras and data centre visitors actively monitored
  • See the Security page for more information about metawerx security, including OS and Java features

Reliable 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
Helping to keep the net safe

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