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Java hosting is our speciality. We were the first host in Australia to offer Java Servlet hosting in 1997 and one of the first hosts in the world to offer these services. Our hosting software is, and always has been, java-based.

Unlike certain other hosts who claim to provide "Servlets and JSP" - we are able to assist you with most problems you will face during your development. Your applications will run directly from the servlet container, using the Apache Portable Runtime for static resource serving. This provides maximum Java flexibility, unlimited by connectors or cookie-cut hosting control panels.

We are dedicated to Java and database hosting and the security and reliability of your website.

Over the years, we have gradually refined our hosting and support services. All our packages, from the basic Budget plan to Managed Dedicated Server hosting support the latest implementation of servlets and JSP.

When you host with Metawerx, you automatically benefit from our years of experience fixing thousands of java problems and Tomcat Hosting issues. This can cut weeks off your project delivery times and ensure you have the highest level of uptime and stability for your production systems.

For pricing and features information, please see the Plan Comparison pages. The information below is of specific interest to JSP and Servlet programmers.

Standard Java Hosting Features
  • Metawerx support staff - help where you really need it, because we program Java ourselves
  • Instant restarts of your application or JVM
  • No silly 2-hourly resets like some hosts have
  • Shared or Private JVM
  • Full JDK 1.4.2, JDK 5, Java 6, Java 7, Java 8, Java 10, Java 11, Java 14, Java 15, Java 16, Java 17
  • All Tomcat versions, including latest-stable Tomcat 3.3.x, Tomcat 4.1.x, Tomcat 5.0.x, Tomcat 5.5.x, Tomcat 6.0.x or Tomcat 7.0.x, Tomcat 8.5.x, Tomcat 9.0.x, Tomcat 10.0.x with automatic updates
  • TomEE 7.2 Plus or WebProfile, including secured /manager and /openejb applications
  • JBoss 4, 5, 6, 7
  • Full JSP support - create and compile Java Server Pages directly on the server
  • Fine-tuned Tomcat VMs for maximum performance
  • Run Jira, Confluence, Cocoon, JSPWiki, Cold Fusion, Quercus for PHP (eg: WordPress), JRuby, or any other server-side Java application or framework
  • Use all your own EAR/WAR/JAR files and application extensions - no restrictions
  • Full access to application reloading via the Tomcat Manager
  • Full VM restart and access to server.xml and all Tomcat folders on dedicated VM plans
  • Various VM management options: Fully Managed, Semi-Managed, Self-Managed, or Command-Line java applications such as forex trading systems and ActiveMQ


  • Complete, separate webapps folder for your applications (isolated Tomcat Host), or self-managed full Tomcat installations
  • Tomcat Manager application to unload/reload applications instantly without VM restarts
  • Multiple applications, under your own Tomcat Host (eg: ROOT application, a separate CMS, a Wiki, etc...) on managed hosting VMs
  • Multiple hosts, under your own dedicated Tomcat VM (deploy multiple websites easily)
  • All standard Tomcat features including JSP and WAR file deployment
  • Easy folder layout for new or experienced Tomcat users
  • Full Servlet Logs, System.out/err logs and Access Logs - available for download or browsing
  • DIY configuration - configure servlets and compile JSP without our assistance, or configure your own server.xml on Dedicated JVM plans
  • File system access - read/write to your site and private data folders
  • Firewalled MySQL 5.5 latest release, SQL/Server 2005 and PostGreSQL 9.1 Databases with JDBC - see Database/JDBC developer information
  • Outgoing network connections - connect to TCP/IP hosts, send mail
  • Incoming network connections - listen on specific ports on your IP address / create server software, run a Java-based server
  • Clustered VM setups available for load balancing, high availability and failover (since March 2005) - see Session-level failover
  • Example servlets and JSP, web.xml, context files for JNDI DBCP connection pooling - get started immediately
  • Comprehensive, growing Metawerx Wiki to help you get the most out of your java hosting and complete your project faster
  • Apache Portable Runtime binary for high-speed delivery of static content
  • JAI native imaging support
  • Crypto extensions on all VMs (enabling TLS1.2, TLS1.3, 256 bit ciphers, Elliptic Curve Cryptography - ECDHE, Galios/Counter Mode - GCM, POLY1305 and ChaCha ciphers)

Metawerx Extra Tools

  • Tomcat VM restart
  • Java VM analysis tool
  • Weekly health checks and SSL certificate expiry checks
  • Full system.log access via ZIP-stream for realtime logging access - view logs at over 10 times normal speed
  • Metawerx Tomcat Realms Administrator (for simple Tomcat realm-based security setup and administration, an easy way to protect areas of your site using Role and User based security)
  • phpMyAdmin/phpPgAdmin
  • Webmail
  • Domain and SSL Management
  • Weak/Medium/Strong SSL cipher support selection
  • Tomcat Manager Brute-Force protection
  • Tomcat Realm Brute-Force protection
  • FTP Brute-Force protection
  • Mail Brute-Force protection
  • AutoShun and OpenBL blacklist firewall integration
  • High security setup
  • For other standard features - please browse the Explore menu

Free Consultancy

  • Contact us to discuss your requirements, or for a faster setup, select a plan from the plan comparison and complete our WebSite Application Form
  • We are often commended for our high quality services and fast delivery. Sign up and you will see why.
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