Metawerx News - Follow @metawerx on Twitter for latest updates!

Metawerx News - Follow us on Twitter for latest updates!

30-Jul-2014 News feed switched to Twitter

  • As of today, please see our Twitter for all news updates

30-Jul-2014 New versions

  • Java 7u65 and 8u11 have been released and are now available at Metawerx
  • Tomcat 7.0.55 is now available at Metawerx

23-Jul-2014 MySQL Security Alert

  • A major security issue has been identified in MySQL
  • All Metawerx MySQL customers are already on 5.5.38 or 5.6.19 and have been since June 1, so not a problem for us

18-Jul-2014 AutoShun and OpenBL

Our firewalls are now integrated with #OpenBL (in addition to #AutoShun). These lists are updated hourly from servers around the world which have identified botnets and hacker IP ranges. By integrating these lists directly into our firewall, we eliminate additional threats before they reach the rest of the network.

3-Jul-2014 Tomcat 8!

Announcing the official release of #ApacheTomcat 8! The latest version 8.0.9 is available at Metawerx (as it has been since the early vers)

20-Jun-2014 Updates

  • New: Java 7u60 released and now available at Metawerx!

3-Jun-2014 Failover testing, Upgrades

  • Failover/Failback test of DB servers successful. DB servers are now running Ubuntu 14.04 and MySQL 5.5.38

25-May-2014 Updates

  • New: #ApacheTomcat 6.0.41, 7.0.54, 8.0.8 released and now available at metawerx

12-May-2014 Alert

.. and another major Struts security bug, this time versions 2.0-

5-May-2014 Alert

A major security bug has been found in Struts 1 -

29-Apr-2014 Updates

  • We have 14 JVMs running on JDK8 now, and 3 on #ApacheTomcat 8-beta :-)
  • First upgrades to Ubuntu 14.04 tonight - looks good!

21-Apr-2014 New Stuff

New at Metawerx: Java 7u55, Java 8u05, mainly security update releases

15-Apr-2014 New Ciphers

We have achieved an A+ rating on ssllabs for our Apache control panels!

31-Mar-2014 End of March Quarter - New Stuff

  • File Backups in SiteWinder now has a Diff feature, similar to the one you see when using our Online Editor. You can view compare files or entire folders to see what changed since a selected backup point and optionally restore backups or restore using a new name. This feature is also available from our Mobile control panel and Android app. See Online Backups for some screenshots!
  • Tomcat 8.0.5 (beta)
  • MySQL 5.5.37
  • MariaDB 5.5.36
  • Cleanups in security monitoring resulting in less redundant daily alerts sent to Metawerx staff (less false alerts, less wasted time)
  • System management software overhead reduced by ~50% (faster system changes via SiteWinder)
  • OutOfMemory alerts now show more information about the Java memory space types and the reasons they run out
  • OutOfMemory log scanning is now much faster
  • UnsupportedClassVersion errors are now reported by email, so you instantly know if you uploaded a Java7-only library to an older Java5/6 JVM

17-Mar-2014 More Mobile!

SiteWinder for Mobile and the new Metawerx/Smart App for Android have had a lot of improvements this month.

Notable changes:

  • We now support Android, iPhone, iPad, Symbian, BlackBerry, RIM, Windows Phone and Amazon Kindle
  • Mail Manager is now mobile, set usernames/passwords for your customer's domains in Mail Reseller, then let them administer their mail server by themselves - on their PC, mobile device or tablet. Browse to on your device to check it out.
  • File Manager is now available! Download JSP, Groovy, Clojure source and images, edit them with a local app (such as 920 text editor or Photo Editor) and upload them again, all from your mobile device - code anywhere!
  • Series of visual/performance tweaks to make the mobile site even easier to use.
  • Traffic reports optimized for mobile.
  • Database list now available.
  • Account payments page and automatic connection to PayPal.
  • Restart individual Tomcat Apps easily with My Apps option.
  • Restart Tomcat, view charts.
  • Manage your domains and mail servers.

I'm using my Motorola Droid to edit this page right now. It's a bit trickier than using a notebook at first, but once you get used to it, it's really cool. I'm making a lot of small changes to this article while watching TV (Endgame series 1). Using my Kindle would probably be easier as the screen is larger and this editor is a bit small, but this works well and I can't be bothered getting up to get the Kindle at the moment. Hopefully this is a feature that makes everything easier for you as well! - Neale

18-Feb-2014 Metawerx Mail Administrator is now Mobile-Optimized!

Our Mail Administrator is now optimized for mobile, a nice addition to our mobile control panel.

Access it by browsing to our control panel with your handset/tablet or via the Metawerx SiteWinder/Smart Android application, available from Google Play


  • Multi-domain management over SSL
  • View, add, edit and delete email addresses, aliases and mail-blocks
  • Modify mail server settings, including POP3 Country Restrictions and domain mirroring
  • Change mail passwords
  • Set up mail-forwarding
  • Set up temporary or permanent AutoResponders
  • Set up Mail Notification URLs
  • Redirect mail aliases to new address lists
  • View outgoing SMTP logs
  • Mail Admin documentation (help)
  • No recoding of validation systems etc, no new security issues or bugs - this is Metawerx Mail with a new HTML front-end
  • ... basically everything you can do with the full PC version except for Mailing-Lists
  • ... world's first Mail Server configurable via Android/iPhone/iPad (as far as we know at Feb 2014) and the only hosting company offering this feature

Feedback welcome!

And here are a few screenshots ...

16-Feb-2014 New Stuff

  • ApacheTomcat 8.0.3 beta now available
  • Mobile-optimized version of Monthly and Daily Traffic Reports

4-Feb-2014 New Stuff

  • Tomcat 7.0.50
  • Tomcat 6.0.39
  • MySQL 5.5.36
  • Java 8 EA b126
  • CouchDB 1.5
  • Dashboard chart improvements to detect missing data, such as during a JVM restart
  • New Disk Read/Write dashboard chart
  • Menu Improvements for our mobile-edition control panel (SiteWinder/Smart) to increase usability
  • Upgrades to disk space and traffic on some plans

17-Jan-2014 New Java 7 release

Java 7u51 has been released and is now available at Metawerx.

Release 51 includes a series of bug fixes, some changes to FIPS 140 compliancy mode, JAXP and port binding.

The JRE security baseline for Java 7 is now 1.7.0_51 (7u51).

12-Java-2014 Welcome to 2014!

We would like to wish all of our customers a prosperous 2014 and good luck in developing their applications and projects and running their online businesses!

We now have all servers running on Ubuntu 13.10 and we're working hard on testing our new Instant Activation systems. Soon you will be able to add new testing environments, new accounts or databases with a few clicks/touches.

2013 was a big year for hacking. Whether you want to read that term as coding and improving systems, or as attacks on systems, there was a lot of it going on!

We will try our best to keep your systems secure again this year and protect your business and reputation by keeping up with the latest software versions and protective techniques.

On that note, the following new Tomcat versions are now available, with a lot of bug fixes and a series of improvements for WebSockets. All managed instances will be on the new versions when their JVM is next restarted.

  • Tomcat 7.0.50
  • Tomcat 8.0.0-RC10

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