How to host your client's sites at Metawerx

Resellers - How to host your client's sites at MetaWerx

If you are building sites for your customers, you would normally start on a Budget or Developer Plan.

When your first site is complete, the billing can be transferred to your client, or we can continue to bill you directly for all the sites you develop and you can invoice your clients separately.

For extra sites, we have a range of options available...

Extra Domains:

  • On any of our plans, you can add as many domain names as you require, free of charge, using our Domains Administration tool in SiteWinder
  • Each domain points to your existing site on Metawerx Managed VMs, or with a Private/Dedicated JVM you can add separate Host entries in conf/server.xml for each new domain
  • Each customer can also have their own Mail Administration password to add/remove email addresses without your help

SubAccount Option:

  • You sign up for additional sites in the same way as your first account
  • These sites are created as full-featured new hosting accounts, separate from your own site, with separate FTP and control panel options
  • The sites are invoiced as part of your main account
  • In this case you would invoice your customer separately
  • New subaccounts entitle you to a commission payment or 3-month free hosting period (see below)

Referral Option:

  • Same as SubAccount option, but we invoice each customer separately
  • If you develop multiple sites or provide a CMS, this is the best option to use
  • We will invoice and provide support to your customer directly
  • You can remain as the Technical Contact for the account
  • When completing the application form, please ensure that you enter your current account login code in the Comments section so that we know who has referred the account
  • Referred accounts entitle you to a commission payment or 3-month free hosting period (see below)

Commission Payment / 3 Months Free:

  • Each time you add an additional account, refer a friend or a new customer, we pay you a commission after their first payment has been received
  • You can request that the first 3 months hosting are free for the new account, or request that we credit your account with their first quarterly payment
  • If you have referred a large customer or are over $100 in credit, we can also send you a commission by Bank Transfer (Australia only)
  • If developing sites frequently, this can be a good source of additional revenue
  • A referrals summary is available on your Account Statement allowing you to keep track of each referred customer

Dedicated PostGreSQL and MySQL instances: We also have the option of a Dedicated Database Server on our Pro Plan and above. In this case, you have the administrator password to your database server, and can create multiple databases and users, limited only by your available disk space and RAM. Dedicated Database Server instances are available with MySQL and PostGreSQL. New databases that you create are accessible from our phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin systems, so you can provide your customers access to these systems to allow them to control their own database in your database server. We perform daily backups, monitoring and automatic restarts of the database for you, as well as providing remote database access over SSH. This is a cheap way to run a large number of database-enabled sites.

See the plan comparison and VM Types page for more information on customising a plan for your requirements, or simply contact us for a free requirements-analysis.

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