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An Endorsement for Metawerx Pty Ltd:

We have hosted our site - - since 1996, initially at Melbourne IT, when they became the sole Registrar of the '' space. In 2008 we moved it to Metawerx Pty Ltd to get the significant advantages of Java/JSP-based Tomcat web-server hosting, in conjunction with our databases, held in the MySQL Relational DBMS - the open source database system that most significant Web 2.0 companies of our times based their early businesses upon, including: Amazon, eBay and Facebook.

Metawerx has been exemplary in their support of our varied needs since then, including:

  • running experimental JSP-based web-services;
  • hosting SQL assignments for Masters-level students of Database Systems & Information Modelling;
  • smoothly transitioning several managed accounts to a streamlined self-managed account;
  • and more lately, hosting an online eBook store that will be released in coming weeks, amongst a handful of sites that we now host with Metawerx P/L.

Neale Rudd (and his support team) has been outstanding in his technical support and instructive in his clear and concise explanations, regarding what can be done technically, what was done, why it was so, and even how Metawerx did it. As they have grown, so has the range of their offerings and the quality of their service - a testimony in itself of their passion for what they do with this particular set of formidable technologies.

All the while, Metawerx has remained cutting-edge (but not bleeding-edge) in the versions of Java, Tomcat and MySQL that they have mastered, and then offer for usage to their customers like us.

Most Sincerely,
Steve Goschnick, B.E., M.Eng.Sc (Computer)
Managing Director, Solid Software Pty Ltd ( gosh @ )
Senior Academic Associate, the University of Melbourne ( stevenbg @ )

We are using Metawerx to host our site - This is an interactive site that allows users to find other users with the same interests. It is implemented in Java using the frameworks Struts2, Spring and Hibernate. It runs on Tomcat and uses a MySQL database. The Metawerx hosting provides everything we need to make this easy. They are also regularly adding new features to the services they provide. The hosting has been very reliable and the connection speed is good. Any questions we've had around security and backup have been answered well, and we've had no issues with either. The support provided is excellent and any issues have been dealt with quickly. They are also happy to help out with queries outside of the normal hosting scope, i.e. coding questions and look and feel questions, which is greatly appreciated. Basically they look after all the hosting and hardware issues and so allow us to concentrate on our coding and adding new functionality to our site.

Peter Condick

Been a Metawerx customer for over a Decade and am glad to remain here for the same.

Currently we have over 40 businesses using our product with the MySQL DB backend hosted on Tomcat. Demands range from 24/7 access to normal business hours and we have never had complaints about speed, stability, security or service (the 4 S's).

We also have a number of Servlets that operate our invoicing, sms, updates etc. without issue.

Service is first class and down time has literally been neglible, to the point of not being able to remember the times we have been offline.

Keep up the great work.

flexwaregav (via WebOfTrust comments section)

I have been using metawerx since 2009 when I started a small software consultancy company. Initially services included creating various Web applications using J2EE technologies requiring database management and processing for digital agencies.

Requirements and tasks varied during this time, and customer demands were always constant.

During this time Neale and his team have been instrumental in not only providing robust and reliable hosting and support, but more importantly, architecture and technical advice spanning multiple areas in web application technologies, from best practices to even some coding advice!

Since then my company has moved on to start-up ventures, and I still remain a loyal customer with Metawerx. I feel confident when going to an Angel Investor pitch that metawerx are a solid and reliable partner in managing all facets of maintaining and hosting our critical data and solutions.

Frank Fera

"How did we ever manage without their brilliant customer service and expertise! The communication is very good, and there is no hesitation to make contact when problems arise. We're delighted to be associated with Metawerx and it's a pleasure to provide this testimonial."
Brendan Liddicoat
Victorian Cross Country League

"I greatly appreciate the 30 days free trial feature, the quality services received for satisfactory charges, and the affable nature and loyal service of the Metawerx staff. Thank you for your outstanding service. I will certainly recommend you to others."
Nimali Fernando

I've been using Metawerx for nearly 5 years. Initially, they provided hosting services, then one year ago we moved to a private server which Metawerx administers for us.

Metawerx specialises in J2EE and their server configurations are very flexible. The biggest advantage I found is that our contact, Neale Rudd, is very experienced in Java and J2EE configuration. As a result, technical support and emergency support is very good (and prompt).

Now we have our own server. Metawerx does all the monitoring, configuartion, and maintenance of the J2EE portion so we don't have to worry about it. The price isn't the cheapest, but the peace of mind and reliability are worth it.

If you are looking at a virtual server, maintaining the server and J2EE stack is a major overhead. I would only do it if you have a large number of systems or contractual requirements regarding data integrity. These were the motivations that prompted us to go for an administered virtual server.

David Barton (via JavaLobby forum in response to someone looking for Java hosting)

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